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Are you a personal assistant or interested in a career in support in Cambridgeshire and looking for work? - 06/10/2016

Join Cambridgeshire PA Finder and make finding the right job much easier. PA Finder is a register of personal assistants who are looking for work supporting older people and people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes in Cambridgeshire.

Benefits to you

  • Joining PA Finder is free of charge.
  • Potential employers can see your profile at any time.
  • You can say where and when you would like to work.
  • Being on PA Finder does not stop you from looking for other work or holding other jobs (e.g. if you work part-time but would like more hours).
  • You can take yourself off PA Finder at any time (e.g. if you find a job).
  • Employers’ access to PA Finder is controlled by a login process ensuring only genuine employers see your details.


PA Finder will be accessible to potential employers in Cambridgeshire via the Penderels Trust website and will be promoted throughout Cambridgeshire.

Applying to be part of Cambridgeshire PA Finder is easy – choose one of the following options:ister of personal assistants who are looking for work


Penderels Trust is operating PA Finder on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council. Penderels Trust is contracted to provide direct payment support services to people with disabilities in Cambridgeshire. 

Your employer will be the person you support, not Penderels Trust or Cambridgeshire County Council.