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A Forum for the Future? Shaping Equality and Diversity in Cambridge For The Next 20 Years - 18/04/2016

A Forum for the Future?

Shaping Equality and Diversity in Cambridge For The Next 20 Years

People can be attracted to Cambridge because it has an international reputation as a centre for academic excellence and research with a thriving high-tech sector. The economic success contributes to high numbers of jobs and levels of growth but has also led to a high cost of living, low housing affordability and difficulties for some communities. Just over a fifth of the City’s population leaves every year - which means Cambridge has changing needs and new people leaving and arriving on a regular basis . So how could we work towards ensuring that the future includes equal opportunities for all and find ways to bring diverse groups together to ensure that Cambridge remains welcoming, adaptable and resilient?

This is one of the questions the City Council will be exploring in the next Diversity Forum on Monday 25th April 1.30pm – 4.30 pm at the Meadows Community Centre.  The meeting will look at the need and potential for a citywide Equality and Diversity Partnership - as a way to work together to create an environment that can accommodate the wide variety of people who work, live, study or volunteer here – now and for the future. 

This research is in the very early stages - so we have put together some ideas of what a city wide partnership might focus on to get a discussion started :

•        Being a collective voice for equalities in Cambridge - working together on issues in common and supporting other partners on sector specific issues.

•        Share information and knowledge to increase connectivity of equalities organisations in the city and break down barriers.

•        Develop and share statistical and anecdotal evidence to help identify existing and developing issues and to support better funding applications.

•        Provide a proactive and responsive forum for thinking about longer term strategic equality aims and influencing wider plans for the City.

•        Raise awareness of the needs of people who fit into multiple equalities groups and those who experience systemic injustice and social inequality.

•        Raise the quality and profile of equalities activity in Cambridge by identify needs,  joint working, or by working on campaigns such as the Equality Pledge.

•        Enable collaborative working and funding opportunities, to achieve a more sustainable and resilient equalities sector

This Diversity Forum meeting will bring people together to:

•                    Give your organisation an opportunity to hear about the concept of an Equalities Partnership

•                    Find out about how other types of partnerships have worked.

•                    Discuss whether you agree with the aims suggested above and whether you think there is a need for this type of body in Cambridge.

•                    Look at the potential risks, challenges and future opportunities in developing a partnership.

•                    The meeting will be interactive with lots of opportunity to network. We will use some practical examples to explore how an equalities partnership might work in practice – for example contributing to the review of community provision in Cambridge which is currently taking place (more information about the review).

Diversity Forums are aimed at the voluntary and community sectors with attendees representing their organisations. They are held twice a year and are hosted by Cambridge City Council. Refreshments will be provided and you are welcome to arrive early for a bite to eat in the Meadows café or to bring your own lunch with you. If you have any additional requirements that would make attending the meeting easier, please let us know.

It would be great if you could forward this invitation to others who might be interested and promote the meeting via social media and newsletters.

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