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New tool to evaluate your group - 22/02/2016

The Big Lottery have released a new tool to help you asses the strength of your organisation.

Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations make a vital contribution to society, often providing support for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people and communities.

We know though that many struggle to plan effectively for development and growth, which can jeopardise their long-term future.    

We aim to help these organisations become more resilient so that they can continue to support their beneficiaries in future years.

As part of that, we are offering all VCSEs in the UK an opportunity to analyse their organisation and identify areas that could be developed to improve organisational strength through this diagnostic tool. It is not linked to any funding programmes and it is completely free to use.

If you are applying for funding, or intend to apply for funding, whether this is for a Big Lottery Fund grant, government grant or through a trust or foundation, it may be useful to complete the VCSE Strength Checker and build its findings into your application.

Please note that completing the VCSE Strength Checker will not give you any direct advantage when applying for funding either from the Big Lottery Fund or any other funder. 

This is because it is not linked to any specific funding programme and hence is not part of the requirements of funding. However, indirectly, the benefits could be significant in helping your organisation understand where it must focus to become “investment ready”.

Who is it for?

Predominantly small-to-medium sized organisations but could be useful for larger VCSEs too.