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New up to date list of Community Groups in Cambridgeshire! - 05/11/2014

Community and Voluntary groups are made up of skilled volunteers and some paid staff.  Estimates vary as to how many groups there are in Cambridgeshire, but a conservative estimate would be around 2,000.  In a recent survey around 1,230 were identified that represented the work of 10,000 volunteers and over 1,000 paid staff.  80% of these groups were volunteer-only groups and the combined turnover in one year was £8.5 million. The refreshed Cambridgeshire Community and Voluntary Directory - 2014 Winter has been arranged in such a way that organisations are grouped under types of service.  It is also possible (using the search facility in your PDF Reader) to search by any words, placenames or subjects that you need.

However there are many other groups which are very local and specific and are not part of any network or promotional activity - the classic local group would be a village environmental group that has come together to keep a local green space clean and tended.  These groups are not listed in the Directory.