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Find out which trusts give out the most money - 09/05/2014

The Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) has published the first in a series of research briefings that will reveal key data about the vast majority of trust and foundation giving in the UK.

Although there are roughly 10,000 foundations in the UK, the top 300 account for 90% of the value of all their giving. These are the foundations that the report, Foundation Giving Trends focuses on.

The data in the report comes mainly from foundations' annual accounts and a survey of ACF members.

Key findings of the report include:

  • grantmaking increased by 10% to £2.4 billion between 2010/12 and 2011/13.
  • New donations to foundations fell by 9.7% to £2.3billion in the 18 months leading up to March 2013.
  • Net assets between 2010/12 and 2011/13, increased 6.7% to £42.73 billion.
  • The majority of foundations give less than £10 million a year, but represent one-third of giving.

The Wellcome Trust tops the list, which ranks the foundations by giving, spending £511.1 million in the year to September 2012, followed by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, which spent £144.5 million in the year to April 2012, and Comic Relief, which gave £78 million in the year to July 2012.

Richard Jenkins, policy adviser at ACF, said: "Over the coming years this programme of research will track key indicators of the health of the foundation sector: its giving, its income and the value of its assets.

"This vital research will help us see the patterns of change in order for philanthropists, practitioners and policymakers to make better decisions based on an understanding of the factors that drive the sector."

Download the report here