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Help us make a video - 28/04/2020


We are asking you to help us make a video celebrating what organisations are doing in Cambs. The wonderful Karen Cann has offered her expertise to make this happen. She has made a sample with her children for what we want you to do. There are instructions below.


The idea is to have each charity say a couple of sentences about who they are and what they’ve been up to, and then the video will end with a link to the Cambridgeshire Coronavirus Community Fund and the #NeverMoreNeeded.

We think it is also important to document this period in history and how charities have adapted and helped people, and to show people why small charities are #NeverMoreNeeded

As each charity appears on screen, we will also display their website.

We know many of you will be very busy at the moment, but if you’d like to take part we only need a tiny bit of footage from you, it should only take a few minutes. If we have too much footage then the video will be too long and not hold people’s attention. This task could be outsourced to a volunteer if you’re snowed under?

It would be nice to tie the video together somehow so we show community spirit and that we are all connected. Mark (CCVS CEO) likes the idea of something that can be passed between everyone, like a baton. Please find attached a A4 flyer to print out, if you don’t have access to a printer, you could create your own version. (We have done this in black and white to save money and ink)


  • Find a quiet space where you are well lit, such as opposite a window, and you are framed so we can see the top half of you, quite close up.
  • Do not use selfie mode to film, only to set up the frame, as the hashtag will appear backwards.
  • Please make sure nothing behind you breaks confidentiality/GDPR rules, such as a noticeboard with a phone number on, or a photo of a person without asking permission.
  • Use a tripod or something to prop up your smartphone, or ask someone to film you. Please video in landscape, so the phone will be on it’s side (don’t worry too much if you forget).
  • Reach out to your right using your right hand to grab the flyer off screen, bring it in front of you so the camera can read the hashtag, then say a few words about what your charity is doing, then pass the flyer off screen to your left side using your left hand. (note - this means your left and right, don’t think of stage left and right). Edited together this will hopefully look like you are passing the flyer to each other.
  • Obviously more than one person can be in the video if you wish.
  • Feel free to send me any other footage/photos of what you’ve been doing - if you’ve been out in the community, maybe delivering meals, online video chats, wrapping up parcels to send out etc.
  • Hopefully we can produce a really powerful and uplifting video so lots of positivity and smiles if possible.
  • Please send Karen footage via email,, Dropbox or Google drive to my email: She will then edit everyone together.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me:

Download the flyer here. This is black and white to save ink.