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Ideas to make Zoom more secure - 03/04/2020

Everyone is using Zoom for meetings and events, from the Prime Minister to my daughters Brownies.

Serious concerns with security on the site have been raised with examples of 'zoom bombing' being reported.

We have been sent the following advice to help stop this happening.

Please make sure you understand the software before you use it and take all possible steps to stop getting hacked.

Always set a meeting PIN- this stops the hackers from “gatecrashing” a meeting.

Don’t share the link on any public forum or platform; if you share a photo of the meeting make sure the meeting ID (top left corner) is hidden.

Don’t use a personal meeting ID- always allow zoom to create a random number for each meeting

Always set screen sharing to “host only”

Disable file transfer in your settings

Disable “Join before host”

Disable “allow removed participants to rejoin”

You can also use passwords to get into meetings rather than just the pin code.

You can also use waiting rooms.

This is the most hidden, secret security feature in Zoom. Get out your searchlight to find it. What it does is let the host prescreen the guests before the meeting starts for an extra layer of security. To get there, go to your master account settings, (under "My Account" at the top right of the main screen), click Settings, go to the Meetings tab and scroll all the way to the bottom, where you will find the Waiting Room options. Once clicked, this will be the default on all your meetings. 

More advice here coutesy of Community IT innovators.