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Annual Survey of Cambridgeshire charities and community groups - 11/02/2020

We would really like ten minutes of your time to complete our 2020 annual survey.

Every year CCVS and Hunts Forum develop an annual survey that gives us a host of important information.

  • It allows us to gauge the state of the sector and find out some of the issues groups are facing
  • It gives us an insight into the sorts of activity we should be providing and allows you to influence our work to ensure it is best meeting your needs.
  • It gives us some valuable feedback into what you think of our services.

We use this information in real and tangible ways:

  • to highlight issues with funders and statutory agencies across the county that local groups are experiencing
  • to show funders and others where they need to think about putting money into the sector
  • to ensure we are offering the best and most appropriate training
  • to help us develop networks and events that are relevant and useful to you
  • to help us demonstrate our impact so that we can continue to get funding and ensure we are there for you when you need us.

It is really important that we get as many responses to this survey as possible. We are asking individuals for their thoughts, so if we get more than one response from an organisation that is fine, different people in different roles often have differing experiences and opinions. So if you are a staff member, a trustee or a volunteer please do complete as much as you can. Do share it with colleagues and on social media, the more publicity the better!

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and hopefully complete the survey.