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Fantastic festival of short films - 26/05/2017

You are invited to the Cambridge Cinema Shorts charity gala festival of short films, 'Hidden Lives'. The world as only short films see it.

"We offer you a fantastic program of 13 international short films. Drama, comedy, animation, documentary and experimental. A selection of cinematic gems. Cut and polished to perfection these films will stay with you far longer than your average Hollywood blockbuster.

Our inspiration for this program comes from the increasing number of films we have been receiving from the Middle East .

Inevitably the cauldron of war, displacement and alienation has, from this pit of negativity produced a huge outpouring of creativity in response and short films are an ideal medium to convey this. Cries of anger, wry observations and dreams of better lives, stories untold. And we feel that we have an obligation to pass these on.

To do this we have cancelled the usual Strawberry Shorts Film Festival to organise our event around this phenomenon.

Lives unimagined from the tragic to the comic. Lives expressed in poetry and animation. Life as only a short film will show it. Give yourself a fascinating evening and at the same time support a great charity, Medecins Sans Frontieres. The bulk of your ticket price will go to help them with the fantastic work that they do.

Come and mix with the local glitterati or dress up and be one yourself. Mingle with the stars, the rich and the incredibly famous. (Warning; there is a chance that no stars, or the rich, or the famous may appear and coming just for them may lead to bitter disappointment).

Tickets are £10.00, including program. Tickets can be booked on our website Payment will be taken at the door.

Doors open at 7:00pm and the performance starts at 8:00pm"