We offer a number of ways to help groups identify where they can get funding.


Finding Funds

CCVS can help groups identify possible funding sources using a variety of methods. Local community and voluntary groups can find potential funding opportunities, free of charge, through a funding search facility facilitated by CCVS.

To find out more contact us at enquiries@cambridgecvs.org.uk or call 01223 464696.

Funding News

Members recieve a monthly update with all the funding opportunites we have identified that may be useful to groups.

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Find links to all the county tender opportunities and guidence on how to do this here

Other Funding Sources

Cambridgeshire Community Foundation holds a variety of local funds which make grants of over £1m per annum to local voluntary groups and charities that are working in Cambridgeshire to improve the quality of life for local people, targeting those helping people who are marginalised or face disadvantage.   Grants range from smaller grants of £250- £500,  to larger programmes offering revenue grants of £3,000- £10,000.  Capital projects may be supported up to £20,000 under the landfill tax scheme the Community Foundation manages. For more details visit the CCF webpage ‘Apply’ Cambridgeshire Community Foundation

Local authorities have funds for voluntary groups which may be found on their websites