Writing a press release

Getting the content right

While some might question whether press releases are even necessary in the age of the e-mail, they still remain one of the simplest ways of getting an announcement out to the media quickly and accurately, and well-written content can easily be adapted for web stories, newsletters and other communications. Download our press release template here

When people read newspapers they do not read everything. They scan through, then read the beginning of a story. If they are interested they will carry on reading. If not, they will skip to the next story. To grab their attention you need to put the key information in your opening paragraph. This is often called the 5 W’s.

You can then fill in the rest of the information in your following paragraphs, following these guidelines:

Sending your news release

Most news releases are now sent by email. News desks receive hundreds of emails each day so you need to make sure yours is clear, easy for the journalist to use, and stands out.

Getting the timing right

Think about when you want the media to receive your news release.

Getting your response right

Follow up your news release with a phone call to the news desk