Living with Covid 19

The government has set out its Living With Covid Plan and from the 23rd Feb 2022 there are no longer the same restrictions in place in England and the legislation and statutory instruments that were brought in have been removed.

This does not mean that organisations should not still continue to take some precautions and to ensure they have given due thought of the impact of Covid on their operations and the welfare of staff, volunteers and service users. There are government guidelines available here

Those running charities should be aware of this guidance for charities see GOV.UK: COVID-19 guidance for the charity sector

Further information can be found on the NCVO website.

The NHS Covid guidelines can be found on this regularly updated set of pages


Getting vaccinated is really important. you can find out where to get your vaccine in Cambridgeshire on the Vaccinators on tour website

We will bring you more information on the Community vaccination work we are doing soon.


The guidelines on volunteering during the pandemic have been removed by the government. The general government guidelines can now be found here.

This does not mean that volunteers should stop thinking about their safety. The following guide from Support cambridgeshire still has some useful guidance.



We are available to offer support and advice, in the first instance contact us on and we will get back to you promptly.