Organisation: Friends of the Rosie

Can you help?

Friends of the Rosie is a very small charity and needs a new Treasurer!

Friends of the Rosie is a small but very committed charity that works to support the Rosie Hospital in Cambridge.

Visitors to the hospital cannot fail to be made aware of the generosity, hard work and dedication of the Friends. The evidence is there, in every ward and department.

We started in 1974 as Friends of Mill Road Hospital and pioneered bedside telephones before internet/phone development!

We have good reserves and respond to two or three requests per year from the Rosie Hospital. Money comes in from donations.  In normal times volunteers run a small teabar in the hospital, but new younger volunteers will be needed if this is to start up again.

We also run occasional stalls selling knitted goods. On-line sales continue strongly under the name of Rosie in Stitches.

The treasurer would manage separate accounts for the teabar and for sales of knitted goods, but you would receive monies from these accounts occasionally.

Once a year, you would prepare simple accounts (under £10,000) for the return to the Charities Commission.

We are independent of Addenbrookes Charitable Trustbut we often work with them on projects.

We meet about 4 times a year - one of those being the AGM in the Rosie Hospital in normal times.

Contact details:

If you are interested or would like to know more please get in touch with us at CCVS. Email: or call us on 07935 649805.