Annual Survey 2015

Every year we undertake a survey of the VCS in Cambridgeshire on behalf of all the CVS organisations in the county. This year we have included in the report a set of actions as well as a reference to some national research that has been carried out into the future of infrastructure. We have also developed a slide deck that highlights some of the findings, download this here of view below.

Please take a moment to read through the report and feel free to let us have any questions or comments.



Survey 2015 presentation from Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service

Conclusions and Commitments

For Cambridgeshire the squeeze on voluntary and community groups is similar to that happening in the rest of the country.  More is being delivered for less in most cases, and where groups are expanding they are expanding into delivery areas that were previously the reserve of local authorities. 

Our sector faces a rapidly changing environment with demand increasing and funding in decline.  CVS5 believes that good leadership that enables, empowers and develops our local communities is vital if we are to maintain and develop the effectiveness of our sector.

In light of this for the first time we have decided that we will include a list of commitments that CVS5 aspire to. Each CVS will respond in a different way, and look at the key areas of improvement to their services based on their capacity, resources and the needs of their members.

Training and Support

  1. We will continue to build on our existing training offer to ensure we are offering the training groups want, and ensure smaller groups have the skills, systems and confidence they need.
  2. We will look at ways to help groups increase their income and give them the skills and tools to help them demonstrate the impact of their work.
  3. We recognise the importance of trustees and the role they play in organisations. We will ensure that training is available at the most appropriate times and locations.
  4. We will look to increase the level of training and support we give to smaller groups to ensure they have the skills, systems and confidence to manage their money and complete financial reports.


Networking and Communications

  1. We will provide a range of networking opportunities where organisations can, share ideas and discuss common issues. These will ideally be face to face but we will also explore online networking opportunities.
  2. We will improve our communications in order to ensure that organisations get the information they want in a timely manner and in a format that suits their needs.
  3. We will look at providing themed networking and communications in areas such as health, community safety, mental health etc.


Representation and Understanding

  1. We will continue to provide strong leadership that enables, empowers and develops our communities
  2. We will improve our two way dialogue to ensure that we are best able to meet the sectors needs and make the sectors case where ever we attend meetings.
  3. We will work to better understand the differences in the sector based on geography, theme of work and size of organisation


National Reports

These are the primary reports that have been released recently that relate to our research.

Change for Good. The NAVCA report into the future of infrastructure organisations. Here.

An independent mission: The voluntary sector in 2015. This is the final report from the Panel on the Independence of the Voluntary Sector. Here.

Navigating a changing world. The 2015 Charity Governance review from Grant Thornton. Here.

NCIA Inquiry into the Future of Voluntary Services. A series of reports. Here.