This year our conference was a joint event with Cambridge City Council, sponsored by Ingleton Wood.

Check out all the presentations and feedback as well as pictures, videos and the fantastic graphic recording. There is information from each workshop that gives you a summary as well as links to some resources.

Opening speaker presentation

Veronique Jochum Head of Research NCVO talking about their Time Well Spent Research

Download a pdf here

NCVO carried out a big piece of research into volunteering. The reports can be downloaded here.

Making Connections launch presentation

More information on the CCVS research commissioned by Cambridge City Council into Employer Supported Volunteering can be found here.

Slides from the closing session

The closing session was an interactive session using The final slides are available here.

The graphic recording pictures.

We had Susi Watson record the conference visually. Click the thumbnails to view larger versions.


Video and photos


To see the full playlist of videos go to our YouTube channel

Twitter moment

We had over 230,000 impressions for #V4CNov2019. Check out some of the tweets here.

Breakout Sessions

We have included a brief set of bullet points for each session as well as any presentations and some interesting links. We would like to thank all the presenters and facilitators. 

How inclusive are we?


Hannah Touhey (Arthur Rank Hospice Charity)

Eddie Stadnik and Suzan Murrad (Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum)

To create inclusive organisations, we need to encourage people who may require some additional support to join our volunteer teams.  For example, these volunteers may have disabilities, be recovering from mental ill health, have specific cultural requirements or face barriers because they are young or elderly.  Many of these needs can be accommodated by making some reasonable adjustments. 

To find to a range of useful materials take a look at our Inclusive Volunteering webpage

CCVS also have a Supported Volunteering project which offers support to people who experience barriers to volunteering, people can self-refer for help.

How flexible are we?


Vic Hopkins (Cambridge Food Cycle). Check out Vic's presentation here.

Chris Pursell & Ania Udalowska (Anglia Ruskin University);

Kerrie Thackray (Girl Guides East). Check out the Girlguides flexible volunteering page and their video here

To attract a wider range of people the voluntary sector needs to be more flexible with our volunteering offer.  We need to:

NVCO have developed a practical guide to setting up a micro volunteering project for organisations.

Are we making volunteering attractive and relevant?


Roxanne de Beaux (CamCycle)

Marika Newman (Eddies)

Lorrain Payne (Cambridge Citizen’s Advice Bureau)

Getting this right will impact on both on our ability to recruit and our ability to retain our volunteers. 

CCVS run a range of workshops for volunteer managers including Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers. We also have more resources on our website including the NCVOs research report Time Well Spent which provides us with a treasure trove of valuable data.

How do we make business volunteering work for everyone?


Peter Griffiths (Ingleton Wood Martindales). The presentation from Peter is here.

Heidi Mulvey (Cambridge University Press)

Maria Varallo (Illuminate)

Hetti Wood & Abi Moore (Rowan). The presentation from Hetti and Abi is here.

The focus here is on volunteering rather than funding.  We know that many companies value volunteering to build employee engagement, encourage teamwork, support employee skill development, give back to their community and build positive brand recognition.  We know that the voluntary sector benefits hugely from business contributions.  However, too often the relationship between business and charity becomes one of customer and supplier rather than that of equal partners seeking to collaborate to achieve a shared goal.  How can we make sure we get the balance right?

We have more information and resources on this topic on our Employer Supported Volunteering page including our Making Connections report commissioned by Cambridge City Council which examines the potential development of employee supported volunteering in the City and beyond.


The following documents are available to download. They cover the period 1st April 2018 - 31st March 2019

CCVS 2019 AGM Agenda

Minutes of the 2018 CCVS AGM

2018 - 2019 Annual Report and Accounts

2018 - 2019 Annual review 

We are looking for new trustees

We are looking for new trustees both from our membership and from the wider community. If you are interested then please have a look at the recruitment page here. Or drop Mark a line or call 01223 464696.

The commitment is a few day time meetings a year (generally every other month) held at the CCVS offices in Cambridge. We can pay full expenses and are keen to build the skills and diversity of the board.