Business continuity and planning to resume normal operation

You need to start thinking about what your ongoing risks are, and also how you will manage once your organisation needs to return to normal working.

This will not be a one off activity and the documents you use should be something you keep adding to and coming back to as things change and evolve. We suggest that this document is shared with all staff and trustees and that all of them are encouraged to send in suggestions to what can be added.

It is not important the exact scores that you give activities, what is important is that you start to think now about risks and continuity and the actions you need to be taking to ensure that you are best placed to move forward.

We have included a template that you may choose to use and adapt. You may not want to use all of it, feel free to update and change it. In fact we encourage you to change this to suit your organisation.

The template for the plan can be found here (Word document)

We have also included a draft of a document we have completed for CCVS. This is our first attempt and will suppliment our normal risk plan which is pinned to the wall behind the CEO's desk (and which he regularly looks at and scribbles notes on) and is reviewed as a standing item at every trustee meeting.

You can download our first attempt at the CCVS plan here (PDF)

Our two requests

It does not matter what form you use to think about risk and continuity, but it is really important that you do think about them.

If you have any suggestions to how we can update or improve our template then please let us know.

CCVS is still open to offer advice and support contact us on 01223 464696 or on