Corporate Social Responsibility : Back to Business "Fight or flight in a Covid World?”

Corporate Social Responsibility : Back to Business "Fight or flight in a Covid World?” - 22/10/2020 9:30am

Time: 9:30am - 11:00am

Venue: Online workshop

Charitable organisations are keen to continue to develop meaningful partnerships with local businesses to diversify their incomes streams and receive gifts in kind, but in light of Covid 19 should they reconsider their approach or is it business as usual? 

Rachel Briant of Get Synergised in partnership with Hunts Forum and Support Cambridgeshire will be in conversation with three individuals from the business community to discuss the narratives emerging around Corporate Social Responsibility/ Giving Back and the challenges businesses might be facing in this current crisis. 

Through the conversation, we will:

  • Gain an understanding of the current challenges facing businesses in keeping their CSR activities going and how this may affect the charity and community sector
  • Understand the benefits that community investment can bring to business, to charities and to our communities
  • If we need to, know how to adapt the community approach for better results in the current climate

We will hear from James Zimmer Smith - Store Manager at Metro Bank Cambridge, Neil Bharadwa - Business Owner of the Cambridge Juice Company and Faye Holland Cofinitive Founder and Chair of Cambridge and South Cambs Chamber. There will be an opportunity for delegates to ask questions after the discussion and the session will conclude with 4 key takeaways for charitable organisations to consider as they look to build meaningful and sustainable partnerships with the business community.

Free to any community organisation and charity in Cambridgeshire.


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