Running a Community Group

The information sheets below are designed to give you some basic knowledge of running a group.

We run a 3 hour workshop on skills for rummnning a community group on a regular bais. See our training and events page for when the next workshop will be.

Committee Skills

Your Constitition                                 Example model  Constitution 

Keeping Simple Accounts

Health Check List for Voluntary and Community Groups

Managing Volunteers

Insurance for community groups


Common policies needed by  groups:

Where to find  model policies

Equlaity fact sheet                                Example model  Equlaity policy 

Health and safety fact sheet                (see our Heath and Safety section)

Safeguarding Children Fact Sheet       (see our Safeguarding section)    Example  safeguarding Children policy

Adults at Risk     This link takes you to the County Council website with its guidance notes and model policies for voluntary groups.