Trustee Support

This page holds some resources for trustees. If you can not find what you want or have a more complex question then contact CCVS or come on a training course.

Our support is free to members and we can help you with all aspects of being a trustee.


What is a trustee?

"Trustees have overall control of a charity and are responsible for making sure it’s doing what it was set up to do. They may be known by other titles, such as:

Whatever they are called, trustees are the people who lead the charity and decide how it is run. Being a trustee means making decisions that will impact on people’s lives. Depending on what the charity does, you will be making a difference to your local community or to society as a whole.

Trustees use their skills and experience to support their charities, helping them achieve their aims. Trustees also often learn new skills during their time on the board."

(from the Charity Commission leaflet CC3a)

Charity Commission Guidence for trustees

The Charity Commission has lots of information on its website for trustees. There are lots of different publications here about the role of trustees. Some of the most important are:

Other guides and resources for trustees

There are lots of guides and resources for trustees these include