We are looking to develop case studies that

  • highlight issues
  • showcase our work
  • showcase the work of the sector

We will be adding to these over the course of 2016. A full list can also be found in the documents section of the website.

If you have a case study about your work and the impact it has please concider sharing it. Please fill in this short form

(this will take you to a seperate page)

Or contact mark@cambridgecvs.org.uk

Cambridge Acorn Project

This study looks at how CCVS can help those with an idea for a new organisation turn it into reality. Read more here.

Cogwheel Trust

This case study sets out some of the conciderations that need to be thought about when transfering to a Charitable Incorperated Organisation. Read more here.


This case study looks at how CCVS helped to develop a funding strategy. Read more here.

Leverington Village Hall

How CCVS helped this group to get funds to replace the hall windows - and to think about the futureRead more here.