Lots of young people are involved in volunteering in some form, whether it is helping out at school, sports or youth clubs or taking part in fundraising for a local charity.

Volunteering for 14 to 15 year olds

Most volunteering opportunities are advertised for those aged 16+.  However, there are some organisations who will take on younger volunteers.  If there is an organisation you would like to get involved with it is always worth contacting them to ask.  You might also be able to participate in group or family volunteering if you have adults included in your group.  

Check out www.do-it.org go to advance search and scroll to Which of the below categories apply to your volunteering preferences and click under 16 to see suitable opportunities

Circuit project

Are you aged 15-25 years old? Wysing & Kettle’s Yard gallery in Cambridge are working together on a programme called Circuit and are seeking young people from all sections of the community to get involved in developing workshops, commissions and events. https://www.museums.cam.ac.uk/get-involved

Volunteering for 16-17 year olds

Check out www.do-it.org go to advance search and scroll to Which of the below categories apply to your volunteering preferences and click 16-17 to see a range of opportunities. 

V Inspired www.vinspired.com

A volunteering charity for 14 - 25 year olds and worth checking out

Hospital volunteering for under 16-18 year olds www.volunteering.cuh.org.uk/volunteering-opportunities-2/

If you are particularly interested in volunteering in a medical environment see:

Cambridge University Hospital’s Young Person’s Volunteering Programme

This is organised to take place after school, YPP volunteers are allocated to the wards, where they help out with the evening meal, providing assistance and encouragement for our frailer patients. 


Volunteering helps you stand out from the crowd with real experiences that will build your confidence and develop your skills.

The organisation set up to support Cambridge University students who wish to volunteer is Cambridge Student Community Action


The organisation set up to support Anglia Ruskin University Students who wish to volunteer is at ARU student Union  www.angliastudent.com/volunteering/