What can I do in the Cambridge area?

There are hundreds of volunteering vacancies available across the area with lots of different charities. Some will require a regular commitment while others may be one-off opportunities. Many charities and community groups will advertise their volunteer vacancies on their websites or at their premises. They may also recruit through the Do-it life website a national database of volunteering opportunities.

Cambridge City Council also have a webpage with lots of different volunteering opportunities 

Cambridgeshire County Council advertise a range of opportunities

Cambridgeshire Skills are looking to recruit Volunteers to become ‘Digital Buddies’ 

Care Network are looking for Volunteers to support people to regain their confidence and independence 

Cambridge City Foodbank  regularly have opportunties come up.

Cambridge Sustainable Food are looking for volunteers to help with food collections

Another site to look at is CharityJOB a site for charity jobs and volunteering opportunities. They regularly have more than 1000 voluntary, internship and trustee positions available they also advertise opportunities abroad www.charityjob.co.uk/volunteer-jobs

The Charity Retail Association have just launched an online website to recruit volunteers for charity shops 

Volunteers to support vaccination are being recruited by NHS 

To find out more go to https://www.jobs.nhs.uk/xi/search_vacancy/  and under search for job put 'volunteer' in keywords box and add your location

Got Questions?

Visit our FAQ page or to find out more about different volunteering opportunities check out the links below

Volunteering for under 18s & students

Volunteering as a Trustee

Volunteering with family and friends

Volunteering outside the UK

Sports volunteering

Timebanking, time credits and CamLETS

Volunteering from home 

Micro and short term volunteering


If you run a business and want your staff to use their skills to help non-profit making organisations we would love to speak to you volunteer@cambridgecvs.org.uk