Social Media for volunteer recruitment and management

There are hundreds of social media sites the following are the ones you are most likely to make use of and see links to on other voluntary organisations websites.  How much use you make of social media for recruitment and communication will depend on who you want to communicate with, what you want to communicate about and your available resources in terms of technology and people to keep things up to date and to monitor activity.  Websites, e-newsletters, blogs and forums are all still valuable tools but social media has the added advantage of allowing you to connect with other organisations and people who may not previously have known about your organisation. 








The Guardian has a useful article

Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that churns out millions of posts on a daily basis.   There are currently 256 million blogs on Tumblr.  For more information:



Used extensively by teenagers for messages and selfies.  Particularly for telling stories that last only 24 hours – stories can gain huge followings.


Examples of social media campaigns:

Report on charities in social media:




Over a billion users.  Used for sharing information, can create groups also easy to share photos and videos.


Examples of use: