Portal to help you find funds


SupportCambridgeshire 4 Communities is a free self-service website which enables voluntary and community organisations to browse, search and apply for grants to support their work.

SupportCambridgeshire 4 Communities is not designed to replace individual or group support if its required. If you want more in depth support once you have visited the site  you can always contact one of our Development workers for more advice and guidance.

To help you find what you need we’ve setup some FAQs to help answer any queries.

Funding is one of the most important and most difficult areas for voluntary and community organisations to deal with. In order to help local groups and make information available to them, Cambridge CVS has a range of services linked to funding.

Click on one of the sections below or contact us to arrange a one to one support session.


Who is getting funding?

Grantnav is a website where you can search to see who has been awarded funding in your area. Find out what some of the biggest funders have awarded grants for in your area. Click here to visit the Grantnav website

Online fundraising ideas

Students at Cambridge Hub have put together a concise and helpful document: Online Fundraising Ideas for Small Charities

Online funding events coming up

Meet the funder 4th March 2021 An opportunity to meet with a funder online to discuss your activity or project ideas for funding. Funders include Cambridge City Community Grants, The National Lottery Community Fund, Cambridgeshire Community Foundation and The Evelyn Trust.

National funders fair The event featuring national funders takes place over two days on 24 and 25 March. A wide range of funders will be involved including: